Mitshubishi Electric

Wall Mounted Split

  • Fast Cooling
  • Long Airflow up to 12 meters
  • Auto vane control up and down / left and right
  • Quite Operation / 19 db
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency/ 6 Stars EWA rated

Ducted Split

The thin, ceiling-concealed indoor units of PEY-SP series are perfect for air-conditioning requirements of buildings with minimum ceiling installation space and wide-ranging external static pressure.

  • Compact Indoor units – For all Models, unit height is unified to 250mm.
  • Wide Selection of Fan Speeds and External Static Pressure.
  • Five-stage external static pressure conversions and three fan speed-sections are available.
  • New Inverter Technology has made it possible for units to operate at-outdoor-air temperatures as high as 52 degree.
  • New Refrigerant R410.

Rooftop Package

  • High sensible cooling capacity.
  • High efficient operation
  • Labor saving installation
  • Minimum floor space
  • Wide Electrical Control Capability

City Multi – Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

  • Effective Use of Space – The new models have a smaller foot print and service space requirement than previous models.
  • Low Noise Levels
  • New Fan Design
  • R410A Pipe Sizing – As R410A has a higher specific heat capacity than R22, the pipework is smaller.
  • The anti-corrosion Blue Fin treatment of the heat exchanger.
  • Easy Maintenance – Even when one of the indoor units in the system is under maintenance, the other indoor unit can still operate.

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