Luxury Safes

Exclusively represented in Gulf Countries by Continental Office Equipment & Systems and produced by the world’s prominent safes manufacturer from Korea; SUN SAFES MFG CO leader in the safes industries for 4 decades.


LuCeLL safe boasts of superior design together with security functions, The combination of rich burgundy, red and cool black and its, lustrous gloss accentuate the flowing lines of the safe and make LuCeLL a design highlight of your interior decor.

Superior Design

Designed to look as high end piece of furniture and to reflect your taste with a big choice of fascia’s which are inspired from famous paintings, to incorporated lather, gold plated patterns, and Swarovski Crystals that will add sparkle to any room while having an elegant interior with leather, velvet covered compartiments, glass shelves and sophisticated watch winders more over you can simply customize the front design to your taste!

Fingerprint & Digital Locking System

No need for the keys anymore, Lucell is a smart safe that gives you the choice between registering up to 10 fingerprints for locking or to use digital passwords.

Excellent Fire-Resistance

LuCeLL protects all your valuables by keeping the interior temperature below 150 degrees Celsius in case of fire.

High Sensitivity Alarm

A high-sensitivity shock sensor with a 120 decibel alarm protects the contents more safely in the event that LuCeLL is moved or struck. Its separate locking module provides even better security.

IP Camera: LuCeLL safes come alsowith an IP camera as an option as your safety eye, it will record inside black box the events happening and threatening around the safe

Internallighting: Provides convenience in dark places (functional when using adapter.

AC/DC Adapter: LuCeLL supports hybrid power that can run either on battery or adaptor.

Watch winders: LuCeLL watch winders will keep your watches ticking away and ready to be worn whenever needed.

Other Accessories: Indoor key – card holder- glass shelf-jewellery stand,

The superiority of LuCeLL products has been attested not onlyby customers but also by world famous authorities in the security industry.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) – UL 72, Fourteenth Edition (Class 350 – 1 hr)
UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) – UL 1037, A antitheft Alarm and Devices
SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute) – NT Fire 017 – 60P90P/120P/60Disk/90Data
SBSC (The Swedish Fire Protection Association and The Swedish Theft Prevention Association) – SS-EN-1143-1
GOST (Gosstandart ) – Moscow Regional Certification Centre “Opitnoye”
MA (China National Accreditation of Laboratories)
ISO 9001 (Quality assurance accreditation)
ISO14001 (Environmental management systems)
KS (Korea Standards Association) – KS G 4500
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) – passed with TS15

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